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The word solstice is derived from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere "to stand still." At the two solstices (Summer and Winter), the Sun's declination appears to stand still. The seasonal movement of the Sun's daily path appears to pause at the Northern or Southern limit. 

Solstice is not a day, but rather a moment. Our Solstice bath soak encourages you to take a moment for yourself while relaxing your mind, body & spirit. 

Palmarosa is a grass that has a floral aroma with lemony-herbal undertones. It is known for it's skin balancing & toning effects. Lavender calms & relaxes. Sweet orange uplifts. Himalayan pink salt and powdered coconut milk smooth and soften skin while gently detoxifying the body.


Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt, dead sea salt, dendritic salt, epsom salt, coconut milk, lavender essential oil, orange valencia essential oil, palmarosa essential oil, rose petals.


eco-friendly | cruelty free | petroleum free | gluten free | paraben free | synthetic fragrance free | non- GMO | handcrafted

Best if used within 12 months

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