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Why Do I Stink When I Switched To Natural Deodorant


The Reason Your Switch To Natural Deodorant Is Making You Smell

A side effect I see all to often continue to be the topic of discussion for people switching to natural deodorant is the smell that comes along with it. In reality, it is not just the natural deodorant that is making you stink, there are a multitude of factors that are causing you to stink and in this blog, we will help you make an informed decision if natural deodorant is the right choice, as well as give you some tips on how to keep that stench down while you make the transition to natural deodorant.

Main Cause Of Your Stinky Pits

The first and most common reason you may experience unpleasant body order after switching to natural deodorant is the extended use of antiperspirants. Now the reason antiperspirants cause is simple but complex all at the same time. So the basic principle as to why extended use of antiperspirants make you stink is that when you apply to your armpits it blocks your pores. Now when it blocks your pours this allows for odor-causing bacteria to stay present longer. Now the really unfortunate part happens after you switch since there is nothing present anymore to block the sweat the odor-causing bacteria then reacts to the sweat which then creates your awful stench. In general switching up your hygiene habits can cause some sort of unwanted effect but it is important to understand that these are usually temporary and will be worth the switch if you just give it time and proper care.

Simple Solutions To Make Your Switch Easier

  • So first things first, what I recommend if your struggling with odor is to go cold turkey. That means not natural deodorant, no generic deodorant, and especially no antiperspirant. This will allow your body to balance out the odor-causing bacteria to normal levels without any outside influence that may be making it more challenging.
  • A good natural remedy to try is using a nice natural salve, this will help keep your pits from breaking out in a rash and if you mix with a nice natural essential oil it can help ease the stench.

Other Factors That May Be Contributing To Odor

  • Medical Conditions: Unfortunately there are some conditions that will contribute to body odor. Those conditions are, but not limited to.
    1.  Kidney and liver Conditions: The liver and kidneys' job is to remove toxins from your body and when they fail or fail to function properly the toxins will then start to build up in your body creating extra odor.
    2. Diabetes: Because of the many patients with diabetes experience a high level of blood glucose and urinary tract infections the side effect is commonly bad breath and increased odor.
    3. Thyroid Gland Conditions: The thyroid glands in our body cause us to sweat and when you have a condition it can cause you to sweat excessively often even when you are not exercising. This excess sweat can cause your odors to become more prevalent. 
    • Food/drink: As you might suspect your diet has a profound effect on how you smell. It's no secret that what you put in your body will also come out one way or another. If your transitioning make sure to try and eat as organic as possible and stay away from preservatives. also certain rich foods like garlic, onions, Brussels sprouts.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you found this blog to be helpful in your pursuit of fantastic smelling Pitts. We have an excellent line of Natural Deodorant and if you would like feel free to check it out in the link below.






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