Making the Switch to Aluminum Free Deodorant

Making the Switch to Aluminum Free Deodorant

As people are becoming more and more health conscious, questions arise about everyday personal care products and why it’s important to make the switch to natural alternatives. Deodorant is often one of the first products that you might replace, which is why questions can come up about the ingredients found in natural and commercial deodorants, and their effectiveness. 

So why is it better to use aluminum free deodorant?

As we’ve stated in previous posts, aluminum is definitely an ingredient to avoid for multiple reasons. Although the amount of aluminum found in deodorant isn’t necessarily “toxic” (same goes for any chemical in your everyday personal care products), the accumulative effects over a lifetime of using such ingredients on your skin can lead to greater health problems. Endocrine disruption, pore-clogging which leads to toxin buildup, and worries about its connection to diseases like alzheimer's are just a few, and should be enough to make you quit your aluminum deo forever.   

How do I make sure my brand of deodorant is aluminum free?

First of all, choose natural. All natural. Even those aluminum free commercial deodorants have other sneaky ingredients you don’t want to be messing around with. Parabens, glycols, triclosan, fragrance…just to name a few. Secondly, read your labels carefully. For example, aluminum has different names depending on its chemical structure. Aluminum chlorohydrate is the most common name to look out for in deodorant. 

But do deodorants without aluminum actually work?  

Okay, this is kind of a loaded question. Aluminum salts actually clog the sweat glands in your pits, which prevents you from sweating. Sweat is actually odor free, until it mixes with the bacteria on your skin. Then BAM, we have stink issues. Deodorants that don’t contain these aluminum salts allow you to sweat, which is a good thing. Sweating releases all of those nasty toxins that, hello- you don’t want hanging out in your body! So will an aluminum-free deodorant keep you dry all day prevent you from sweating? Nope. But like we said, that’s not a bad thing. Can an aluminum free deodorant with natural, safe & skin friendly ingredients keep you smelling fresh all day long? Absolutely! So to reiterate, aluminum based deo will prevent you from sweating, yes, and probably keep you stink-free because of it. However, we’re not huge fans of the potential side effects of using such products. So, a well-formulated natural deodorant with effective ingredients is your best bet. Not only will you stay smelling fresh, but with a clear conscience. Winner winner.


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